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If you're ready for a lifetime commitment and agree to abide by AFTA's terms, please review the list of dogs available for adoption at AFTA's Petfinder site and send us your adoption application.

If you're looking for a feline, do understand we, as an organization, list very few.  That is because, unlike dogs, there are still innumerable cats in the New England area in need of loving, lifelong homes.  The vast majority of felines on our Petfinder site are courtesy posted for the Warren, RI Animal Shelter with whom we work with to unite WV dogs with their New England families.  Therefore, for those cats we are not personally involved in the adoption process.

Adoption Process


1.  Complete the                                               .  (The application opens more quickly using Internet Explorer as your web browser.)


2.  Kim or Angie, along with the selected animal's caregiver, will contact you to conduct a three-way interview.

3.  Approved adopters will be provided information as to the date, time, and location where their new family member may be collected, the collar size required for their new pup, as well as the go-ahead to remit the adoption deposit.






Click the $2 bill to make your PayPal deposit. 

Please indicate the animal's name in the "Animal Name" message box.

(​NOTE:  Applicants should NOT post monies until instructed to do so by AFTA.)

4.  Kindly purchase Purina or Pedigree Puppy Chow or Dog Chow prior to Adoption Day.   This is the food your puppy/dog is accustomed to consuming while in foster care.  You may slowly transition him or her to a higher grade food over time.  Instruction on how to do so will be given during the adoption contract review and educational period on Adoption Day.  (Please make no plans take your new dog "shopping" for this or any other purchases on Adoption Day.  He/she has been lifted from everything familiar and has made a long journey.  Adding further stimuli is not beneficial.  It is best he/she be taken directly home and introduced to and given adequate time to adjust to his/her new life). 


5.  Adoption Day:

    a.  Adopters sign in at specified time.

    b.  Adoptions are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

    c.  The adoption fee balance is due in CASH or MONEY ORDER only (animals will not be released if personal checks are presented). 

    d.  Every adopter is required to bring the aforementioned collar (see #3) and leash.

    e.  Kim or Tina will review the adoption contract and provide educational instruction to all new adopters at that time.





Additional Information



12 weeks to 1 year of age

Age-appropriate vaccinations, rabies

Deworming, flea treatment (cap star)

Sterilization (spay/neuter), microchip implantation

Transportation to Adoption Day location



Over 1 year of age

Age-appropriaage vaccinations, rabies and 

Heartworm/Lyme disease combination tested and preventative

Dewormed, flea treatment (cap star)

Sterilization (spay/neuter), microchip implantation

Transportation to Adoption Day location


*subject to future change


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