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Animal Behavior, Care & Safety​

This page contains our own insights as well as information and guidance from other sources such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and some great books! Please note, these are references. Do not hesitate to seek veterinary care if you have a question concerning your pet's behavior, care or safety.


We may not exactly be able to "talk to the animals," but we surely can learn to understand them (because, in their own way, they ARE talking to us!) Please peruse the following links (and check out the recommended books) for more information on animal behavior and communication.

Cat behavior, including such topics as covered under "Bringing up Kitty, Your Cat's Mind, Cat Culture and Cat Facts" can be found at: The Daily Cat. (Note:  The Daily Cat is sponsored by Iams, not a company we recommend.)

Delialah Falcon's article, What to Expect With a New Puppy, has some great puppy intro information!


Avoid heatstroke...make sure your animal has complete shelter from the sun; provide plenty of clean, cool water (add ice or start the day off with a large ice block in the water dish) throughout the day in a bowl that cannot be overturned; and make sure your pet cannot tangle itself so it can reach shelter and water at all times.

Household hazards
"Baby proofing" the house isn't just for the safety of little people, it's also in the best interest of your pets:


Learn how to prevent bites at and


Traveling with your pet
You don't need to leave Fluffy or Fido home alone, but you do need to prepare them for a safe trip.

Check our Facebook page Notes section for monthly Tips.


Preventive, emergency, and long-term care are part of proper animal guardianship:


Read about the HSUS' Pets for Life Program building humane communities:


Choosing a veterinarian:


Pet Sterilization information from the HSUS
Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet:
Solving the Pet Overpopulation Problem:
Myths & Facts About Spaying and Neutering:


Heath/Immunization Schedule
Heath and vaccination protocols (and laws) vary from state to state. Do seek the advice of your veterinarian to best protect your dog or cat.  We strongly urge you to AVOID low-end products carried in grocery stores.

Immunization and worming schedule/information for dogs and cats:

UC Davis School of Vet Medicine

Vaccine risks and benefits: 



External parasites:

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy Information for the Center of Disease Control (CDC):


SOME GREAT BOOKS (always seek the advice of your veterinarian)!

Puppies for Dummies by Sarah Hodgson

PETiQuette: Solving Behavior Problems in Your Multi-Pet Household by Amy D. Shojai

Pet First Aid by Bobbie Mammato, DVM, MPH

PetSpeak: Share Your Pet's Secret Language


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