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Our 2013 Sponsors & Donors

This is our most heartfelt "shout out" to those people and businesses who support our animals and activities with their sponsorships and donations.  Some gifts celebrate an event or person, some are given to support a specific animal, and others are given "just because" for wherever it's needed.  Every contribution is made All For The Animals.

Keeping AFTA Running
Sponsoring AFTA's Pups


Our Supply & Where-It's-Needed Angels

(donations of food, cleaning supplies and equipment replacement,

and funds towards oh-so important sterilization surgeries...

these are the gifts people/businesses provide that benefit and aid

in the day-to-day care and lives of animals AFTA touches!)


Cait A.

Karen L.

Crazy Computers

(Bob & Jean M.)

Erin O.

Palina T.

Natalia T.

Deborah V.

Carol, Matt, Carly & Ben Z.

Walmart of Gallipolis, OH


Veterinary Support

Dr. Kelly Pinkston, Help for Animals


Website Sponsor

Bill Longenecker, Thuis Photography

Hazel's Eye Surgery

Allison B.

Brandi G.

Bill L.

Maureen M.

Charlene R.

Deborah V.




Hazel's Sponsors




Littie's Sponsors




In Honor of...



In Memory of...
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