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Our Mission

AFTA was specifically created to, within its power, save and improve the lives of dogs and cats by humanely reducing the numbers of undesired animal births.

AFTA will do this by providing: canine rescue, rehabilitation, spay/neuter surgery (or subsidy thereof), transportation, and adoption services; feline spay/neuter surgery (or subsidy thereof) and adoption assistance/networking services; and humane, responsible animal care education, to include the multi-tier importance of pet sterilization.

Our Goal

AFTA's goal is to create a "negative" canine and feline balance (more people desire to have a dog or cat than the number of animals available) in the areas it serves* and to extend that boundary.

*Presently serving West Virginia

Our Team

Kim Gilmetti:  Director/President

                          New England Representative, Adoption Coordinator
Angie St. Clair:  Director/Vice President

                            WV Representative, Adoption Coordinator

                            Petfinder Co-Coordinator, Medical Records Coordinator

                            Foster Parent

Glenna Holland:  Chief, Veterinary Facilitator,

                               Chief, Transportation Coordinator

                               *Foster Parent Extraordinaire

Donna Denicola:  Petfinder Co-Coordinator

Jeff Matteson:  Petfinder Happy Tails Author

*Glenna is, in our eyes, God’s gift to unwanted animals.  Located in WV, Glenna could be caring for 70 or more rescued dogs on her property at any one time.  She, along with Laura Batchelor, ensure these dogs are fed, nursed back to physical and emotional health, provided veterinary treatments, and are surgically altered.  Glenna also fills the key role in transporting the animals to New England.

And, it goes without saying we absolutely couldn't function with our committed volunteers!


WV Team:​

Laura Batchelor--Caregiver

Jeanette Karnes--Foster Parent, Transport Copilot

New England Adoption Day Team:

Cait Antayo

Rose Choquette

Donna Denicola

Marie Gillette

Connie Hamric

Tina Leocadio

Denise Matteson

Jeff Matteson

Sarah Matteson

Bethany Mello

Terry Rancourt

​Ceasar Saucedo

Courtney Saucedo

Sue Sheppard


New England Foster Care Team:

Penny Almeida

​Cait Antayo

Rose Choquette

Donna Denicola

Donna Olivo



Our Process

The process begins when animals are brought to the attention of Kim, Angie or Glenna via phone or email contact. These may be dogs found abandoned, were privately owned canines (with or without litters), or dogs removed from overcrowded shelters.  Litters from privately owned dogs are taken provided the owner agrees the female dog is spayed as soon as it is safely possible to do so.  AFTA may subsidize the cost of the spay.

Glenna ensures the pups and dogs are vetted, to include sterilization surgery and microchip implantation.  When the dogs are fit, Kim, Angie or Donna will post the dogs for adoption on Petfinder as available through the Warren Animal Shelter in Warren, RI  Kim and Angie coordinate all adoptions.   

Approximately every 6 weeks, adopted dogs are driven by Glenna and an additional volunteer (most often Jeanette Karnes) in AFTA's van from WV to Warren, RI (a 14-hour trip).  They are met by Kim and New England volunteers who move the dogs into runs, where they are kept until their new families come to pick them up.  During the time the dogs are waiting, volunteers feed, walk, play with, clean up after and comfort them.  Volunteers also clean the van, break down and disinfect all crates, and repack the van with the cages, food, and supplies donated by various sources.


Unfortunately, unlike with dogs, there are far more cats available for adoption in the New England area than families who want them. Therefore, felines are not transported for out-of-state adoptions.  As funding is available, AFTA arranges and subsidizes spay/neuter surgeries for cats.  In addition, we list cats in need of safe, caring, lifelong homes on our Petfinder page. 


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