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AFTA's Angels

This page is dedicated to our original AFTA Angels, the girls who are AFTA's logo.  It is also a resource to help you plan for the care of your pet in the event you are no longer able to provide care due to your own illness or death.  Please read the many wonderful articles put together by the Humane Society of the United States


Tabbi was a wee cat turned into S.A.F.E. House Cat Rescue in 2002.  Tabbi's story, as told to me, was that of an abandoned cat whom a couple of military families took pity on.  Although she was never invited into their homes, one family fed her for 3 years, and upon their departure from Hickam AFB, the family who moved into their home continued to provide her food.  Sadly this last family didn't want Tabbi either, however they did turn her into the shelter in the hopes someone would adopt her.

Always extremely quiet and reserve, no one chose Tabbi until just over a year after S.A.F.E. House closed its doors (the remaining cats were housed at another location, and continued to be cared for by volunteers, until all were adopted). Shortly before it was time to prepare Tabbi for her trans-Pacific and North American trip, Tabbi's foster mom noticed a change in her behavior, and a veterinarian confirmed she wasn't feeling well. Tests revealed Tabbi was in renal failure.  Her trip to join her new family in Maryland in November 2005 was cancelled, and as her condition worsened, we made the sad, but correct decision to release Tabbi from her body. - Pam, May 2006


Up until her 10th month of life, Katie existed in a home that rained mental and physical abuse upon her.  At the time of her rescue, Katie weighed 28 lbs (half the weight of a healthy Boxer her age).  She was so debilitated due to malnutrition and parasites that she was unfit to receive immunizations.  X-rays taken revealed both her back legs had been broken and left to mend on their own. Katie also suffered seizures as a result of blunt trauma to her head.

After recovering from most of her medical issues, Katie was a trusted and loving family member.  She loved boating, camping, and riding in the car when the top was down.  She always practiced sun safety...never leaving the house without her sunglasses and visor cap.  When my son was born, Katie watched over him as he slept in his crib or sat in his swing.  For 2 years Katie was my son's faithful companion and guardian.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with jaw cancer and within 3 weeks the vet told us it was time to help her cross rainbow bridge.  We look forward to the day we once again meet. -- Kim, May 2006

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